THEY offer insurance quotes. WE provide direction. BIG difference.

Welcome to is your clearing house and broker for group benefits and individual insurance. With offices in the Chesapeake region serving businesses in Maryland, DC, Virginia, West-Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Plus, our international products place our footprint anywhere the Internet can reach.

  • Insurance is regulated, so you will not find a lower (or higher) price anywhere.
  • We work for you finding you the plan that makes the most sense for your situation.
  • With nearly a quarter century of experience (clearly not all online), we can end your days of searching with a few minutes on the phone.
  • Brokering both group and individual carriers, we can locate the more appropriate products for you or your company's situation.
  • Our team of benefits counselors and affiliate brokers can help educate your employees. You gain educated, more productive employees, and the employee gains an advisor.

If you do not see what you are looking for, just let us know and we will either upload it to our site or point you in the right direction. Being brokers and running a clearing house for products, we like to think that if we cannot find the product you are looking for, it probably does not exist.

It will cost you the same no matter where you buy, so we appreciate the opportunity to make your search an easier, more effective process. And, we promise to do our best to make you feel like you are our only client. Thank you!

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