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Blue Cross Blue Shield

Buying CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Online


It is simple to buy online. Just follow the link below.


CareFirst Health Insurance

BlueCross BlueShield Health Insurance

If you are eligible for a special enrollment period then you must check yes and upload documentation during the application process. You can also send it to us directly to forward for you:

Consult-a-Doctor / Dentemax Dental

As a client of mine, I am including two added features when you process your change form through my office or assign me to your existing plan. Once your application is processed, I will send you your cards for these plans from my office. The carrier does not offer these plans. Just let me know if you do not get yours.

  • Consult-A-Doctor - Online and phone access to medical professionals to avoid the doctor's office.
  • Dentemax Dental - Dental discount plan to compliment your health plan. If it meets your needs, then great. If not, I can help you find a suitable plan.

Assign Us to Your Plan

If you would like to get professional help when you need it, you can simply add us as the broker to your plan if you did not process your latest application through our office. This does not change the cost of your plan. Download and return the broker of record form.


It will cost you the same no matter where you buy, so when you make your decision, please support our site and make your purchase here. Thank you!

Other Options...

While you are waiting for health insurance to kick in, you can get temporary health insurance that can start as early as tonight